The Philips carillon is a gift of the Dutch personnel of the Philips company, offered at the 75th anniversary of the company at September 23, 1966. In order to let this jubilee-gift express what can be achieved by a joint effort, also a fund was raised to promote the playing of the carillon.

The Philips Carillon

The carillon was originally located in a special-designed belfry near the Evoluon. In due course it was concluded that it would better fit above a sparkling downtown area. How true this is, can be heard since 30 april 1987 when it was relocated to the Catharina church.

The bells

The carillon contains 61 bells. They are found by the “Koninklijke Eijsbouts Klokkengieterij en Fabriek van Torenuurwerken B.V.” at Asten. The heaviest bell, b-flat-0, has a diameter of 1.75 meter and a mass of 3220 kg. The smallest bell, C6, has a 18 cm diameter and a mass of 12 kg. Together, the bells weigh 16005 kg. They all bear the inscription “Eijsbouts goot mij voor het Philipspersoneel in Nederland” (Eijsbouts founded me for the Philips personnel in The Netherlands). The two largest bells are named Gerard and Anton, after Dr.Ir. Gerard Leonard Frederik Philips, the founder, and Dr. Anton Frederik Philips, the co-founder of the world-wide Philips organisation. The Philips carillon keeps a special position in the carillon development, because he has a range of 5 octaves, which was unique in 1966 and is still special.

The playing

The belfry with the bells is located at a height of 23 m. The playing-cabin is located between the clocks to minimize the distance between the keys and tongue. For practising there is a special exercise-keyboard that corresponds to the keyboard of the carillon. Additionally to the manual playing by the carilloneur there is a mechanical system for the time-beat; every 15 minutes there is a short play (an Eindhoven version of the Big Ben). Further there is a short melody played on the largest bells at 9h00 uur, 12h00 uur and 18h00.

Rosemarie Seuntiëns is the city-carilloneur of Eindhoven. The carillon is played at tuesday from 12h30 til 13h30 uur and at friday from 16h00 til 17h00. Every first saturday of the the month there is a carillon concert from 14h25 til 14h55, preceding the concerts “Music in the Catharine”.

Arie Abbenes is deputy carilloneur. He was city-carilonneur from 1969 til June 27, 2009. At his farewell he received the Medal of the Eindhoven city.

The ringing bells

The ringing bells date from 1949. They are located in the Maria-tower and have the following names and mass:

  • Catharina: 2320 kg
  • Joseph: 1635 kg
  • Wilhelmus: 1155 kg
  • Hubertus: 690 kg